Volunteer Home Support

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Home Care Services in Perth.

Your home is your sanctuary. Filled with memories and experiences you’ll never forget; that’s why our wonderful volunteers and team work together to keep you living the life you love; in the place you belong.

Our team of in-home care professionals assists individuals with their daily needs, such as home maintenance, household chores, and grocery shopping as well as social support to help you maintain your independence and enjoy a fulfilling life within your community from the comfort of your own home.

Our In Home Aged Care Services

Home Maintenance

When you need support with gardening and minor home repairs.

Transport Services

Do you need help getting to and from the shops or events? We can help.

Domestic Assistance

We help to keep your home clean & tidy with vacuuming, dusting & more.

Social Support

Our team make sure you stay connected to your friends and community


Home's Where The Heart Is.

Aged Care Services in the Home.

Many people feel like their life has come to an end when they leave the comfort of their home and lose their community to move into a nursing home or aged care facility. For these people it can be a necessary evil as looking after their property, as well as themselves, can become overwhelming. Most of these individuals are living the Australian dream, so saying goodbye to that because you’re physically unable to continue looking after it can be debilitating.

Why Choose Volunteer Home Support?

We exist to provide support for the people of Perth who want to continue living at home. With a range of personalised services such as domestic assistance, spring cleaning & transport all covered under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) our amazing volunteers and friendly team can help keep you and your loved ones where they belong.

Are You Eligible For Volunteer Home Support In Home Aged care? 

Services are available to individuals over 65 and their carers or over 50 years if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. You need to live in the Local Government Areas of Cockburn, Fremantle, Melville, Kwinana, Rockingham or the Town of East Fremantle. Eligibility is considered based on your need for assistance with everyday tasks.

Your eligibility for a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funded service is first determined by an assessor who is independent of Volunteer Home Support. They will meet with you and look at your whole circumstances. They may even recommend services in addition to those we provide at Volunteer Home Support. Based on your needs and your choices they can refer you to a range of organizations for various types of assistance.

If you have never received a CHSP service before, you (or any person on your behalf) can call My Aged Care. Alternatively, you can register online for an assessment with My Aged Care.

Become a Volunteer

We value every volunteer who works alongside VHS to provide care and support for the people of Perth who desperately need our help to continue living at home and in the community they love.

We welcome all who want to help and make a difference in someone’s life so please don’t hesitate to speak to us about volunteering with VHS.